James Hilary Sheffield Waddington  

Tell El Amarna 

While working with the Egypt Exploration Society, help excavate and document Akhenaten’s captial, where  Tutankhamum spent much of his childhood, under the direction of John Pendlebury 1930- 33.

Tell El Amarna - Items donated to The Egypt

Exploration Society

Pictures, papers and documents that Hilary Waddington created while working for the Egypt Exploration Society that were donated to the society.

Waddington, Amarna and the (EES) Nefertiti Bust

"These are the slides for a presentation given as part of the Egypt Exploration Society's Access Archive Afternoon series on 29 April 2016 by Susan Biddle (@SusanSmbiddle), one of the volunteers at the Egypt Exploration Society (www.ees.ac.uk; @TheEES)"  

Waddington, Amarna and the (EES) Nefertiti Bust

Photographs Documents, Letters and postcards Holy Land Postcards


© Edward Waddington
   Based on a talk given by Susan Biddle (@SusanSmbiddle) at the EES Access Archive Afternoon on 29 April 2016                                                            (www.ees.ac.uk; @TheEES)"